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Hamlin-Lincoln County Public Library

Hamlin Lincoln County Public Library
Street Address: 7999 Lynn Ave.
Mailing Address: 7999 Lynn Ave.
City: Hamlin
Zip: 25523-1434
Phone Number: 304-824-5481
Fax Number: 304-824-7014
Web Address:
Director: Melissa Brown
History: Originally served by bookmobiles, the first storefront library in Lincoln County opened in Hamlin in 1972. A year later, an instant carousel structure was erected and in 1977 an addition doubled the size of the building. However, the library soon outgrew that facility, and 17 years later, a new $750,000 library opened in Hamlin. In 1978, the Branchland Public Library was added as a branch and 4 years later a second branch was established in Alum Creek. In October of 2015, the Branchland Library relocated and was renamed the Guyan River Public Library. The Hamlin-Lincoln County Library system now serves more than 22,000 area residents.