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Piedmont Public Library

Piedmont Public Library
Street Address: 1 Childs Ave.
Mailing Address: 1 Childs Ave.
City: Piedmont
Zip: 26750-1234
Phone Number: 304-355-2757
Fax Number: 304-355-2757
Web Address:
Director: Paula Boggs
History: Piedmont's Public Library was established in 1960 due to the efforts of the town's Women's Club. Funding for the library was initially provided by the County United Way, and it still receives funding from both the Mineral and Allegany County United Way organizations, along with local funding from the City of Piedmont, Mineral County Commission and the Mineral County Board of Education. Originally located in one room on Library Street, the library relocated to its current site on Childs Avenue in the early 1970's. The Piedmont Public Library now serves more than 1,400 residents in Mineral County.