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Pendleton County Public Library

Pendleton County Public Library
Street Address: 256 N. Main Street
Mailing Address: PO Box 519
City: Franklin
Zip: 26807-0519
Phone Number: 304-358-7038
Fax Number: 304-358-7038
Web Address: http://pendleton.lib.wv.us/
Director: Walter Johnson
History: The library history of Pendleton County dates back to 1855, when the county’s first library was founded. Most of that library’s books were lost during the Civil War, and it wasn’t until 1936 that the Franklin Federate Women’s Club revived the library. Sixteen years later, it was moved to the county court house, and in 1974 it was shifted to the McCoy House on Main Street. Finally, in 1987, the library moved to its current location. The Pendleton County library serves more than 8,000 residents in and around Franklin, WV.