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Five Rivers Public Library

Five Rivers Public Library
Street Address: 301 Walnut St.
Mailing Address: 301 Walnut St.
City: Parsons
Zip: 26287-1048
Phone Number: 304-478-3880
Fax Number: 304-478-3880
Web Address:
Director: Nancy Moore
History: Five Rivers Public Library in Parsons was one of the first of the new Instant Libraries constructed in West Virginia, opening in 1974. Prior to the new building being completed, the library was housed on the second floor of Parsons City Hall. A 1,600 square foot addition opened in 2011 and a major renovation was completed in 2013. The Five Rivers Public Library is the home of the 2019 WVLC Librarian of the Year, Nancy Moore, and now serves over 4,000 residents in Tucker County.