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Technician WorkingThe Statewide Library Network enhances electronic linkages among and between libraries in West Virginia while providing connectivity to a world of information to all West Virginia citizens.

The Network consists of 8 metropolitan area networks, as well as 92 library systems representing 150 facilities. 

Network Services designs, evaluates, and maintains the Network which provides public libraries with software/hardware installation, internet access, email, FTP and website hosting, firewall support, shared catalogs, and patron databases.  Network Services technicians provide daily technical support to public libraries across the state.

Network Services Provides:

  • Wide and local area networking
  • Internet & email filtering
  • Email, domain name services, FTP & webpage hosting
  • Internet firewall support
  • Help desk phone email & online support
  • Catalog support & maintenance
  • Software/hardware replacement & maintenance
  • ILL
  • Hubs, switches and associated cabling (installation & maintenance)
  • Equipment contract support
  • Data circuit installation & maintenance 


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