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Continuing education for library directors and full-time library support staff is required by the West Virginia Administrative Rules. The intent is to insure library workers have the appropriate skills and knowledge necessary to provide quality service and to generally improve library service in the state on a consistent basis.  Support staff should work closely with the library director to meet the continuing education requirement. Specific requirements and information are available in the Continuing Education Guidance StatementDirector's Academy - Culture Center, Charleston

Pre-Approved Provider List 

Classes, conferences, or workshops offered by the following providers are pre-approved for continuing education credit. Verification/Proof of attendance must be submitted to th​e Library Commission​​​​ within 30-days upon completion of the class, conference, or workshop.

Approval Process for Non-Listed Providers

  • If a course is not pre-approved by the Library Commission, complete the Continuing Education Request Form​.  Requests for approval must be submitted two weeks prior to an event.
  • Upon approval, attend the event.
  • Upon completion of the event, submit verification of training/proof of attendance to Library Development, 304-558-2041.
  • Credit will be awarded based on the Guidelines listed in the Continuing Education Guidance Statement.  

Financial Assistance

Depending on available funds, the Library Commission will provide financial assistance to requesting libraries to send employees to approved continuing educational opportunities or to otherwise provide continuing education opportunities in their libraries/service centers. To apply for assistance, complete and return the CE Micro Grants Fillable Form.​​

​Further Questions

​​You may direct any questions or concerns to Tammy Naylor (tammy.k.naylor@wv.gov) or Sarah Marzouk (sarah.k.marzouk@wv.gov), or call us at 304-558-2045 and ask for either employee.​