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Continuing education for library directors and full-time library support staff is required by the West Virginia Administrative Rules.


Title 173, Chapter 1, Section 3.13. which states, "the library director completes no fewer than eight (8) hours of continuing education per year. All other full time library support staff complete no fewer than three (3) hours of continuing education per year."

Director's Academy - Culture Center, CharlestonContinuing education opportunities include both formal and informal learning situations that are designed to keep library personnel abreast of knowledge and development within the field, enhance job competence, or lead to specialization in new areas of librarianship. The intent of requiring continuing education is to insure West Virginia library workers have the appropriate skills and knowledge necessary to provide quality service and to generally improve library service in the state on a consistent basis.  

Full time library support staff should work closely with the library director to meet the continuing education requirement. Because of the broad scope of librarianship, it is important to attend workshops and presentations on a broad range of topics. 


In addition to the 8 hours of CE annually for directors and 3 hours of CE annually for support staff, the following are requirements of libraries and library workers:  
  1. Every year before July 30th, each library is required to send the Library Commission a list of currently employed full time support staff. These lists will used in official recordkeeping to insure that CE requirements are being met.
  2. Failure to submit staff lists to the Commission in a timely manner or the failure of any library director or full-time support employee to meet CE requirements may result in a delay in payment and/or reduction of grants-in-aid to the library the following fiscal year.
  3. Full time support staff may earn up to three hours of continuing education credit at one event. Library Directors may earn up to 4 hours of credit per event.
  4. Directors must attend at least two types of events, for example, one workshop and one conference to meet state requirements. Multiple events may be attended to meet the state requirements, however, the conference requirement must be met by in-person attendance at a conference sponsored by an appropriate professional organization.
  5. Unless announced beforehand or unless the training opportunity is offered by a provider on the WVLC CE Pre-Approved Provider List, all CE opportunities must be pre-approved for credit by the Library Development Division of the Commission. Pre-approval can be obtained by submitting the Continuing Education Request for Approval form to the Commission not less than two (2) weeks prior to the event.
  6. Educational opportunities provided by accredited technical or community colleges, colleges and universities might be used to meet CE credit requirements. The course of study must be pre-approved by the Library Development Division of the Commission. Such coursework would need to be applicable to the particular position held by the attendee and/or be of benefit to the library.
  7. Any coursework in library science from a regionally accredited institution of higher education at the sophomore/200 level or above, which may culminate in an Associate’s degree in library technology or a Bachelor’s degree in Library Science or Library Informatics may be used to meet CE requirements. Pre-approval of such courses by WVLC is not required.
  8. Any graduate-level education in library science provided by an ALA-accredited institution of higher learning may be used to meet CE requirements. Pre-approval of such courses by WVLC is not required.
  9. Training programs offered by library consortia offered independently or in conjunction with regular/annual business meetings of such consortia must be pre-approved by WVLC. Generally, re-certifications in specific competencies and business meetings of consortia are not allowable for credit.
  10. Verification of completion/proof of attendance is required to be submitted to WVLC as soon as possible upon completion of any approved CE opportunity. Verification/Proof of attendance must be provided in the form of a registration receipt, attendance sheet, certificate, etc. Upon approval, WVLC may then award credit.
  11. Generally, one hour of contact time will be awarded one hour of credit. Credit will only be awarded up to the maximums required by the Administrative Rules and these requirements.
  12. It is the responsibility of the employee and/or the library to insure that all training is reported to the Commission appropriately.
  13. CE Credit rules, requirements and guidelines do not circumvent or negate any rules/agreements between service center libraries and affiliates regarding continuing education.   

Continuing Education Pre-Approved Provider List 

Any classes, conferences or workshops offered by these providers are automatically approved for continuing education credit by the West Virginia Library Commission. Verification/Proof of attendance at opportunities by these providers must be submitted to WVLC with a request for credit upon completion of the training. 
  • West Virginia Library Commission
  • West Virginia Library Association
  • Other state library associations
  • Service Center Libraries in-service programs
  • Staff Development Programs developed in conjunction with the Library Commission
  • American Library Association and it’s subdivisions
  • Public Library Association.   

Approval Process and Forms 

  1. If a course is not pre-approved by WVLC, complete the Continuing Education Request Form​.  Requests for approval must be submitted not less than two weeks prior to an event.
  2. Upon approval, attend the event.
  3. Upon completion of the event, submit verification of training/proof of attendance to Library Development, 304-558-2041.
  4. Credit will be awarded and requestor will be notified  

 Continuing Education Opportunities

Financial Support for Continuing Education

Depending on available funds, WVLC will provide financial assistance to requesting libraries to send employees to approved CE opportunities or to otherwise provide continuing education opportunities in their libraries/service centers. To apply for assistance contact Heather Campbell-Shock. If requesting financial assistance, DO NOT REGISTER for the event, but submit a letter to Heather Campbell-Shock no later than one month prior to the event. Financial assistance will only be awarded to libraries, not to specific individuals. Libraries receiving such funds agree to complete any necessary paperwork and provide any necessary reviews as may be required by the later than one month prior to the event. Financial assistance will only be awarded to libraries, not to specific individuals. Libraries receiving such funds agree to complete any necessary paperwork and provide any necessary reviews as may be required by the Commission.  

Continuing Education Policy and Procedures 

Workshop Evaluation Form​ ​​​​​