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Communication and Media Services

National Library Week 2021

Media Kit​

Includes social media messaging, displays, and news release template. 

West Virginia Family Read Week, 2020

WVFRW Toolkit

Includes printables, social media messaging, displays, and much more. 

WVFRW Guidebook 

Includes activities, reading lists, a parent survey, and other valuable information!

2020 WVLC Awards

​Due to COVID, this year's WVLC Awards have been postponed.

Nominations for the Library Commission's Librarian of the Year and Librarian Champions awards are now being accepted. 

Librarian of the Year will honor a single employee of a Public Library for his or her contributions to the library community in 2018. To be considered for this award, the nominee must be a current employee of a West Virginia Public Library.  Nominations are not limited to library directors!  

The Library Champions award is designed to recognize individuals, such as Trustees, local officials, volunteers, and patrons, who have made exceptional contributions to Public Libraries in West Virginia in the past year.  Up to 5 nominees will be selected to receive the award.  Employees of libraries and current state and federal elected officials are not eligible for nomination.  

Nomination forms for both Librarian of the Year and Library Champions are available.   Please be complete and thorough when completing the nomination narrative.  Winners will be determined solely on the narrative you provide. 


Librarian of the Year Nomination.docx

Library Champions Nomination Form.docx

Marketing and Advertising

The West Virginia Library Commission offers advertising and marketing assistance to public libraries in the state.  This includes the design and production of promotional materials, such as flyers and posters, aid in writing and producing press releases, the production of public service announcements, and advice and guidance in placing advertising. 

Contact Information:

West Virginia Library Commission
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
Culture Center, Bldg. 9
Charleston West Virginia 25305 
In-State Toll Free: 1-800-642-9021
Phone: 304-558-2041

Graphic Design

WVLC provides graphic production services to state libraries.  From concept to completion, the Graphic Design Department designs, prints and distrubtes production pieces for public libraries, including posters, flyers and handouts.  For more information on WVLC graphic production services, contact Jimmy White, 304-558-2041. 

Library Television Services

Library Television Network Services produces more than 220 high-quality TV shows each year, including programming for state agencies and and non-profit organizations.  Television Services also provides production services to libraries and public service announcements.  Click here for more information.

Communications and Media Services Requests

To request Communications and Media Services, please follow the procedures outlined here.  Please complete the Communications and Media Services Request Form.  If you need assistance, please contact David Riebe​.
Projects of the West Virginia Library Commission that are wholly or partially federally funded must include the following acknowledgment and logo: This project is supported by the West Virginia Library Commission with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). IMLS logos can be download from the IMLS website.