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Moundsville-Marshall County Public Library

Moundsville Marshall County Public Library
Street Address: 700 Fifth St.
Mailing Address: 700 Fifth St.
City: Moundsville
Zip: 26041-9990
Phone Number: 304-845-6911
Fax Number: 304-845-6912
Web Address:
Director: Susan Reilly
History: Moundsville’s first public library was established in 1916 by the city’s Teacher’s Club. For several years, a separate library served the county, but in 1959 the city and county agreed to mutually support a single facility, and the City-County Library was born. The current library was built in 1962 and branch libraries were later added in McMechen and Cameron. Today, the Moundsville-Marshall County library system serves more than 35,000 residents.