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One Book One West Virginia

One Book One West Virginia is a state-wide book discussion group designed to promote dialogue among community members gathered in various locations throughout the state. To accomplish this goal, participants are urged to join book discussion groups and attend related special events, such as meeting the author, character portrayals, movies, and workshops.  Selections are made by the Appalachian Heritage Writer-In-Residence Program. 

2020 One Book One West Virginia Selection


Cavedweller by Dorothy Allison

A New York Times Notable Book and a finalist for the Lillian Smith Prize Cavedweller examines the complicated lives of four women in Cayro, Georgia. A native of South Carolina, Allison offers a glimpse of into rural Southern Appalachian in a book dealing with fear, hatred, and love for family.

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About Dorothy Allison

2020 Appalachian Writer in Residence – Dorothy AllisonAuthor Page

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