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Digging History - Honoring the Sacrifice

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Tells the story of our combat wounded veterans, history and literately digs into historical battles all around West Virginia to find rare artifacts and archeological finds. Hosted by James McCormick​.

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Catalog ID Show Topic
HC 129.39 Civil War Relics in WV's Eastern Panhandle​​​
HC 129.38 War Time Industry from 1917 to 1945
HC 129.37 Introducing our New Digging Partner Cookie​​​
HC 129.36 Fall Digging Season
HC 129.35 Finding a Honey Hole​​​
HC 129.34 Building Relationships to Access Sites
HC 129.33 Gold Star Families​​​
HC 129.32 A Family Digging Adventure
HC 129.31 Digging on Bald Head Island NC Pt. 2​​​
HC 129.30 Digging on Bald Head Island NC Pt. 1
HC 129.29 Get Up & Get to Digging​​
HC 129.28 Bravo's Antics in the Field
HC 129.27 Coal Mine & Coal Camp History Pt. 2​​
HC 129.26 Coal Mine & Coal Camp History
HC 129.25 Metal Detecting via Social Media
HC 129.24 Importance of Preparedness
HC 129.23 Spring 2022 Digging Safety
HC 129.22 Setting Up & Using Your Metal Detector
HC 129.21 Digging is a Family Hobby
HC 129.20 Digging Around Caves & Ravines
HC 129.19 Introducing Bravo the Digging Service Dog
HC 129.18 Digging with a Purpose
HC 129.17 Battle of Carnifex Ferry & Kessler's Cross Lanes
HC 129.16 Our Beautiful State
HC 129.15 Digging in the Spring
HC 129.14 A Series of Field Expeditions
HC 129.13 Digging in Point Pleasant WV
HC 129.12 Fords & River Crossings in WV
HC 129.11 Teaching History & Digging with our Children
HC 129.10 Summertime Digging
HC 129.09 Digging in Nicholas County
HC 129.08 Safely Digging During Covid-19
HC 129.07 Digging in Virginia, Hurricane & Barboursville
HC 129.06 Tools of the Trade
HC 129.05 The Benefits of Metal Detecting Pt 2
HC 129.04 The Benefits of Metal Detecting
HC 129.03 Digging in Montgomery WV
HC 129.02 Scary Creek Pt. 2
HC 129.01 Scary Creek Pt. 1