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Bibliostat FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bibliostat


The information collected in Bibliostat has 3 purposes:
  1. To determine whether or not the library meets requirements for receivingGrants-in-Aid (see Title 173-1-3)
  2. To collect information for the Institute of Museum and Library Servicesnational annual survey
  3. To provide statistical information that helps West Virginia legislators understand the importance of libraries, enable the WVLC to track data, provide library directors with information they need to better administer their libraries, and provide the general public with library statistics. 


When is Bibliostat due?
The report is ypically in mid-August of each year. The exact due date will beposed on the website.

How do I access Bibliostat?
Visit the Bibliostat website.

Where can I get my username and password?
The username and password are the same every year. Please contact a staff member listed below if you need this information. Please include the name of your library in the text of your email.
Why can’t I get into Bibliostat?
Make sure that you:
    • Are not using the letter “o” for zero when entering your login and password
    • Do not have the caps lock turned on
Still having problems?
If you are trying to access Bibliostat late in the afternoon, you may not be able to get in because of high usage. Please try again in the morning. Also, you may need to try another computer. Sometimes the particular computer you are working on may lack the software or may have a filter that does not allow you to get into Bibliostat. If these suggestions do not help, contact a staff member at the WVLC or the vendor as listed below.
Can I expect any changes in Bibliostat this year?
Any changes will be posted on the WVLC website and explained in detail in the annual update webinars. If you have any questions, you may contact a staff member of the WVLC or the vendor contact listed below.
Why can’t I see the full screen in Bibliostat?
If you are not able to see the full screen of the Bibliostat report, click the F11 button. To turn it off, you can click F11 again.
“Please wait”—what does that mean?
It means just that. You must wait until the information is loaded or saved. You will not be able to make any additions or changes to Bibliostat while the message is on the screen.
Is there an easy way to get help with a question I don’t understand?
While in the report, you may click on the number of the question (if it is underlined) to see instructions or definitions.
I get interrupted so often when I’m trying to complete Bibliostat and it times
out on me. How long do I have?
The time-out period for Bibliostat is 90 minutes.
Does the director have to be the one who fills out Bibliostat?
No. The director may pass this task along to someone else.
I tried to submit Bibliostat but it won’t let me because I have edit checks.
How can I get rid of them?
The question will appear with the reason for the edit check below in bright red. If the data is incorrect, simply correct the data. If the data is already correct, add a Federal note using the notepad to explain the answer. If the edit check is on an automatic total and the figure is wrong, you will need to change the data in the contributing questions.
I created a note to satisfy an edict check, buth edit check does not disappear.  Now what?
You will be able to submit only after every edit check has been satisfied. If the edit check message has turned green, it is okay. Go ahead and submit.
I finished the online report and submitted it. How can I be sure that the
WVLC received it?
When you click on “submit”, you will see at the top of the screen a “please wait” message. Wait until you see the message “Congratulations, submission successful!” before logging off.
What if I have questions about Biblisotat?
Please do not struggle with any of the questions. Staff members are available to assist at any time. See the contact information at the bottom of the page. Phone calls and email are both welcome. Whichever contact method you select, please tell us your name, phone number and the name of your library.
Whom should I contact to get further information?
For information about the report, data, general questions, etc:
Phone:  800-642-9021, Press “1” for Library Development
EMail:    Susan Bailey,
For technical/login issues, contact Bibliostat by phone:  Jackie Campanello, 866-785-9935