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West Virginia Executive Magazine Features Public Libraries


​​West Virginia Executive Magazine features an article on Public Libraries this month.  The article, entitled "West Virginia's Public Libraries:  Essential to a Successful State", is written by WVLC Executive Secretary Karen Goff.  It focuses on the importance of libraries to the state and the cost required to keep public libraries fully functional. 

"West Virginia is home to more public libraries than Walmart stores and McDonalds combined. These libraries vary in size from 724 square feet to more than 66,000 square feet and in annual operating budgets from $27,000 to $8.1 million. They all have books, provide access points to cyberspace and preserve local history. Libraries develop and enhance multiple literacies, serve as community centers and connect people to jobs, educational opportunities, health resources, government services and each other. Libraries are free to use—but not free to run."

Read the entire article at West Virginia Executive Magazine.

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