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Nominations for 2019 WVLC Awards Are Now Open


​Nominations for the Library Commission's Librarian of the Year and Librarian Champions awards are now being accepted. 

Librarian of the Year will honor a single employee of a Public Library for his or her contributions to the library community in 2018. To be considered for this award, the nominee must be a current employee of a West Virginia Public Library.  Nominations are not limited to library directors!  

The Library Champions award is designed to recognize individuals, such as Trustees, local officials, volunteers, and patrons, who have made exceptional contributions to Public Libraries in West Virginia in the past year.  Up to 5 nominees will be selected to receive the award.  Employees of libraries and current state and federal elected officials are not eligible for nomination.  

Nomination forms for both Librarian of the Year and Library Champions are available on the Communication and Media Services page.  Please be complete and thorough when completing the nomination narrative.  Winners will be determined solely on the narrative you provide. 

Consider your nominations carefully and help us recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to public libraries in the past year.

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