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Designing Interactive Library Spaces on Limited Budgets
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The success of libraries in the future will be determined by their ability to create stories and engage their communities in new and exciting ways. One way to accomplish this is by putting technology, people and spaces together so patrons can become creators and innovators. Join Brian Pichman from the Evolve Project as he covers tips for success when designing interactive library spaces and experiences on a limited budget. Brian will offer ideas for your library, from programming for all ages to display tips to makerspaces, that will help you engage your community without spending thousands of dollars. You’ll learn about furniture and design concepts, which maker technology to include and how to find additional funding to make your dream into reality. This is a jam-packed session full of ideas, data, and of course, cats.
Space Planning
Program Level: Basic - Elective
Format: Archived Webinar
CE Hours: 1